Kamadhenu Pyramid Dhyana Aadhyatmika Kshetram

Meditation Health Centre

In ancient times, people with diseases were advised to spend more time in midst of Hills and Green Fields, as they would receive healing vibrations from the trees and cure themselves.

" Kamadhenu Pyramid Dhyana Aadyatmika Kshetram ", surrounded with Hills and Greenery is a Pyramid Meditation Health Center, established with an aim to provide an environment for anyone who wishes to heal themselves and become healthy by practicing Meditation.


The Enjoyment Science Academy

Patriji Says – " Life should be full of Sangeet - Nrithya - Dhyan ". The Enjoyment Science Academy at Kamadhenu Pyramid Dhyana Kshetram gives everybody the opportunity to have a happy joyful learning of these activities.



The center is surrounded with hills. Anyone can enjoy trek over hills to reach an energetic pyramid, " Dhyana Shiva Pyramid " constructed on hill top and do Meditation.


Swimming Pool
Enjoy and Experience swimming in the pool surrounded with trees and Nature.


Vegetable Nurseries

Beautiful Organic farm here serves all the visitors with delicious food at free of cost (Annadana). We use non-chemical natural manures for farming.


Pyramid Dormitory

  • Four pyramids of size 14 x 14 ft
  • Big pyramid hall of size 28 X 28 ft with a capacity of 100 people for sleeping
  • Nine pyramid rooms of size 9 X 9 ft has been constructed specially for the visitors who wish to practice intense meditation


Meditation Pyramid

A powerful pyramid of size 18 X 18 ft is constructed with crystals incorporated for practicing intense meditation sessions. Around 50 meditators can sit together at a time for meditation. A special music system is arranged inside the pyramid to play soothing music for meditation.


Pyramid Cottages

Charming cottages in pyramid shape of size 15 X 15 ft with all modern facilities and greenery is a luxury accommodation.



Rooms with basic facilities are made available for visitors who wish to stay here.


Conference Hall

A specially designed conference hall with audio-video facilities which can accommodate 250 people at a time.


Pyramid Goushala

Cows are very affectionate and friendly beings. A specially built two pyramids of size 19 X 19 ft with natural grass material is dedicated for cows. Visitors can have a great time spending with cows.


Spiritual Library

A world class library with new age spiritual books is formed to help visitors to do Swadhyaya.


Nitya Annadana

Kamadhenu Pyramid Dhyana Aadhyatmika Kshetram has launched an another noble initiative called “ Nitya Anna Dana Seva ”, that offers free meals to visiting meditators. Key objective is to facilitate people from economically weaker sections to use the facilities at free of cost. Donations are optional.

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